Roof Repair Guide

Do It Yourself “DIY” Roof Repair

Do it yourself home roof repair guide was designed to equip homeowners with information and a few products to fix their own roof leaks. The most common roof repairs will be discussed along with pictures demonstrating simple methods of repair. For those who are just curious about what is involved before undertaking an unfamiliar project, this do it yourself DIY roof repair manual should be helpful as you proceed. Some normal roof maintenance issues will apply and be included as well.


“Inspecting the roof for signs of damage is something homeowners should do every year, but in my experience not enough people do it,” says Connecticut builder John Provenzano. “They think just because their roof is only a few years old, they don’t have to worry about it, but they’re wrong.”

If a leak is found, isolating the cause of your leak may not be all that difficult. The most conclusive means would be to look in the attic during a rain if that is possible. When that option is not available, a look outside at the roof over the troubled area may reveal the culprit. Do It Yourself DIY Roof Repair features the common problem roofing areas such as, fan caps, ventilation pipes,  rotting facia near gutters and shingle layers, etc.

Roof leaks are usually located around penetrations such as:

  • Plastic Pipes (PVC Plumbing)
  • Metal HVAC Pipes
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys and Masonry Waterproofing
  • Miscellaneous ( Ridge Vents, Attic Fans and Bathroom Fan Vents )

If you find damage to your asphalt shingles, fixing the leak does not have to be costly, nor do you need to be an expert or professional. Most projects require simple tools and materials to patch the problem.

Our Do It Yourself DIY Roof Repair Guide site provides doityourselfers with the basics to easily conduct your own small quality repairs by helping you prevent common mistakes with simple instructions. From remodeling to cracked shingles to caulking adhesive, we guide you through the entire process quickly.

Take a look at any of these subjects along with corresponding pictures from the above dropdown menu to determine your best course of action.